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Garden Liaison

Woman standing next to the gate of a garden

Becoming a Community Garden Liaison

GreenThumb requires each garden to select a primary and a secondary contact person. Contacts do not necessarily hold decision making power, nor are they the garden group president, but rather they simply act as a liaison between GreenThumb and the garden group.

We suggest that members rotate the responsibility on a regular basis, such as every year, and be elected democratically by the garden group. When contacts change, be sure to have both the previous contact and new contact people notify GreenThumb. Both contacts must reside in New York City and at least one contact must reside in the community board where that garden is located.


Filling out required paperwork, such as license agreement, registration packet and providing GreenThumb with an annual up-to-date list of garden members, complete with addresses and telephone numbers.

Bringing new members into the garden group and including answering membership inquiries from the public. Contact people should also orient new members into the garden, and inform them about garden rules, meetings, bylaws and procedures.

Ensuring that someone from your garden is attending GreenThumb workshops, which are the access point for all supplies, including soil deliveries. Don't forget to take your turn, but any member can represent the garden.