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Healthy Gardening

Visit the Cornell Waste Management Institute’s Healthy Soils page to learn more about urban soil contaminants and healthy gardening practices, including the 10 Best Practices for Healthy Gardening in both English and Spanish.

Program Guide

We publish a quarterly Program Guide that lists all GreenThumb workshops, supply distributions, Greening Partner events, as well as other important community gardening news.

Due to the continually evolving impact of COVID-19 on GreenThumb programming, we are currently not publishing our quarterly Program Guides. GreenThumb will continue to provide online programming, however, and you can access the current workshop schedule on the GreenThumb Events page. For links to past webinars, please visit our Webinar Archive and NYC Parks GreenThumb on YouTube.

If you are a GreenThumb community gardener, you may also request to receive a paper copy of our Program Guide in the mail. If you wish to receive the paper version of our quarterly Program Guide, please fill out this form.

You can also access our archives to see past workshops and events.

About GreenThumb Brochure

GreenThumb Gardener’s Handbook

The 2021 Edition of the GreenThumb Gardeners’ Handbook is a resource for community gardeners and the general public that covers a variety of topics, including event planning, construction work, accepting donations, selling garden produce, tree pruning, garden bylaws, and much more. The handbook includes many, but not all, GreenThumb, NYC Parks, New York City, and New York State best practices, policies, and laws that pertain to community gardens in the GreenThumb network. Gathering these topics and policies in one place helps gardeners in creating and sustaining these thriving public spaces. Gardeners have informed policies, guidelines, and protocols included in this Handbook, and GreenThumb is grateful for the immense time and grassroot effort community gardeners put into making gardens beautiful, productive, and community-centric for more than 40 years. The Handbook is available to all garden members and members of the public in digital form here on our website and will soon be available at the same link in multiple languages.

Handbook in English

This book covers all of the ins and outs of running a GreenThumb community garden. It includes registration requirements, essays from community gardeners, citywide polices, tip sheets from the New York Botanical Gardens and Just Food, and more.

School Garden Resource Guide

This guide provides information on getting a school garden up and running and including curriculum, horticulture, and fundraising ideas.

Building a Compost Bench

A tutorial for building a simple compost bench.