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GreenThumb Harvest Fair Competition

Do you think you've harvested an award winner? Enter the Harvest Contest on Sept. 21 at the 40th Annual Harvest Fair in any of the following categories: vegetables, flowers, art from naure, and culinary. See the link below for details on what can be entered in each category. GreenThumb 40th Annual Harvest Fair Saturday, Sept. 21 / Noon – 4:00 p.m. Registration for Harvest Fair Contest is…


Nominate a GreenThumb Garden for the 4th Annual Recognition Awards

GreenThumb will celebrate the 4th Annual GreenThumb Garden Recognition Awards this year. Help us honor and celebrate community gardeners who are beautifying their neighborhoods, growing healthy food, protecting the environment, and healing their communities. You can nominate a garden (including your own) for up to three (3) nominations. A single garden may be nominated for more than one award, but only three (3) total…