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Art in the Gardens

Art in the Gardens is a program seeking to cultivate collaborative relationships and partnerships between local artists and community gardeners for the creation of a wide range of art works. Murals, sculptures, film screenings, performances, experimental art, music, and poetry all have a place inside community gardens.

If your garden is interested in hosting a public art piece or you would like more information about the Art in the Gardens program, please reach out to GreenThumb’s Project Planner, Ariana Arancibia, at

October 2018 - Art in the Gardens - Howard Garden

Howard Garden, a community garden in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, has been a place for the residents of Howard Avenue to come together to listen to poetry readings and take in the interesting sights the garden has the offer.  From a wooden train that doubles as a playset for children to the drawings and paintings lighthouses, Howard Garden invites people are all ages to explore its art.    In…