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October 2018 - Art in the Gardens - Howard Garden

Howard Garden, a community garden in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, has been a place for the residents of Howard Avenue to come together to listen to poetry readings and take in the interesting sights the garden has the offer.  From a wooden train that doubles as a playset for children to the drawings and paintings lighthouses, Howard Garden invites people are all ages to explore its art.    In…


GreenThumb Safe Soil Gardening Requirements

Growing food in urban soils can be a challenge, and it is important that all food grown in GreenThumb gardens is done in the safest manner possible. Soil contamination comes from a variety of sources, including historic use of leaded gasoline, garbage dumps, old building materials that may contain peeling paint, air and water pollution, and other sources. Visit Cornell’s Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities website for more…

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