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GreenThumb Garden Group Development Toolkit

GreenThumb supports community gardeners in organizing their garden groups through educational workshops and materials. Below you will find many of our workshop handouts and webinar recordings, as well as many resources from partnering organizations, on topics related to group development. We will continue to add to this page and update our educational resources as time and capacity allows.

For links to additional webinar recordings, click here. References below are informational only and do not represent GreenThumb policy. For GreenThumb policy, please refer to the GreenThumb Gardeners’ Handbook.

Adapted from and inspired by Soul Fire Farm’s “How to Use Soul Fire Farm Materials with Integrity,”
These guidelines are for those who access any of the educational materials on the GreenThumb website, and want to use this information in your community. We believe in popular education and the free dissemination of ideas in service of the movement for a just and sustainable world. By using GreenThumb Garden Group Development Toolkit educational materials, you agree to the following conditions: 
  • Attribute the Source: Written and verbal attribution to the appropriate source is required when using our materials. The source is listed next to each link. If you are not sure who to cite, please ask us at
  • No Private Gain: No part of these materials may be copyrighted, sold, or used for private gain.
  • Communication: Please let us know if you have success with these materials or have any feedback by sending an email at 
  • Truth Telling: We do not “certify” trainers. Facilitators must honestly state their learning experience. For example, “I attended a workshop with GreenThumb where we did this activity” or “I found this online and repurposed it.”



  • Bylaws webinar slides, handouts, & video coming soon
  • Compass Points Activity - What’s your work style? How does your work style work well and/or struggle with other styles? Developed for GreenThumb by the Cooperative Economics Alliance for NYC
  • Personal Leadership Plans - Guides individuals through setting their own goals and action plans for themselves and their gardens. Included as part of the GreenThumb Leadership Academy. Adapted with permission from the Environmental Leadership Program
  • Facilitator and Agenda - An overview of these concepts with sample garden meeting agenda. Includes tips for effective meetings.
  • No Magic Method - Intro to meeting facilitation by Training for Change. Defines “agenda” and “facilitator” and offers basic tips.
  • Focused Conversation - guides an experienced facilitator through planning a meeting around one topic, brainstorm, or decision that needs to be made. We adapted this from the Fundamentals of Facilitation by Aley Kent, International Rescue Committee, 2017. Download another guide for this style of facilitation here by ICA Inc.
  • Consensus Decision Making - Short booklet by Seeds for Change defining “consensus,” and walking through the basics of facilitating a consensus decision-making process. Learn more about consensus from the Seeds for Change website.
  • Virtual Community Engagement - Webinar facilitated by Simone Herbin, Anthony Reuter, and K.C. Alvey (GreenThumb)
  • How to Join a GreenThumb Community Garden - Webinar Moderated by Gregory Anderson (NYC Parks GreenThumb)
    Panelists: Giselle Munoz - Woodycrest Garden - Bronx; Ashley Washington - Harlem Rose Garden - Harlem, Manhattan; Jestine Roper - Jes Good Rewards Children's Garden - Brownsville, Brooklyn
  • Ladder of Engagement - Helps leaders who take on a lot of work to imagine delegating some of that work
  • Orienting New Members - ideas and examples for how to bring new people in, intake interview sample questions
  • Recruitment Guide by Affinity Group - This recruitment guide by GreenThumb staff is tailored toward any garden group or interested partner that seeks to increase or diversify membership in a group by first identifying and defining the considerations of affinity groups, such as families and new immigrant communities.

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