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COVID-19 Composting Safety Guide
Many GreenThumb gardens host volunteer-run community composting operations or host food scrap drop-off sites. Due to COVID-19, curbside organics collection by the NYC Department of Sanitation is temporarily suspended and some food scrap drop-offs are currently closed. Because of these changes in the composting landscape, GreenThumb gardeners are seeing a growing public interest in composting at community gardens.  The COVID-19 Compost Safety Guide provides guidance to existing compost sites on best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 during compost drop-offs or during use of the compost area. Gardens that are curious to learn more about the art and science of composting can refer to the Compost Resource Guide, a compilation of webinars, videos, and publications from partners and compost experts. In addition, GreenThumb regularly offers workshops, webinars, and training on composting. Visit our website often to view all upcoming programs.

For questions or concerns about composting at your GreenThumb garden, please reach out to your garden’s Outreach Coordinator

Composting Resources | Recursos Para Compostaje
Many GreenThumb gardens with compost bins are experiencing increased participation and more incoming food scraps. Some gardens might be interested in composting for the first time now that the curbside collection of organics is suspended. The videos and reading materials in the Compost Resource Guide were selected by our staff to answer some questions you might have about composting at your garden. This material ranges in skill-level from beginner to more experienced. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Outreach Coordinator.

Muchos jardines de GreenThumb con contenedores de compost están experimentando una mayor participación y más desechos de comida. Algunos jardines podrían estar interesados en compostaje por primera vez ahora que la colección de productos orgánicos está suspendida. Los siguientes videos y materiales de lectura fueron seleccionados por nuestro personal para responder algunas preguntas que pueda tener sobre el compostaje en su jardín. Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en comunicarse con su Coordinador(a) Comunitaria(o).

Composting Webinars and Videos:

VIDEO: Scaling Up Community Garden Compost Systems
Facilitated by Kimberly Brown (Davidson Avenue Community Garden, Marisa DeDominicis (Earth Matter), and Natalie Sucre (Q Gardens)

WEBINAR: Composting During COVID-19
Passcode: Compost2020
Moderated by Lisa Bloodgood (La Casita Verde - Brooklyn)
Panelists: Natalia Sucre (Q Gardens - Brooklyn), Gil Lopez (Smiling Hogshead Ranch - Queens), Nando Rodriguez (Frank White Memorial Garden - Manhattan)

VIDEO: Managing a Community Garden Public Food-Scrap Drop-Off
Facilitated by: Caroline Mwaniki and Natalia Sucre (Q Gardens)

WEBINAR: Vermicomposting at Home (& Earth Day Opening Remarks) - Facilitated by Claudia Urdanivia and Vanessa Ventola (GreenThumb)
Password: Worms2020!


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