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November 2019 - Art in the Gardens - Humacao Community Garden

About the Garden:
Started around 1994, Humacao Community Garden was named after the town in Puerto Rico that founder Miriam’s family is from.  The small structure that exists within the garden - a Casita - is a replica of the style house that can be found in Humacao and across Puerto Rico. 
About the Artist:
Miriam, alongside her daughter, enjoys creating art from found objects around the neighborhood, and mentions that “all you need is a lot of imagination”.  A great example of this imaginative creativity is the crocodile that greets you as you walk passed the garden.  The body was made of rubble that was found in the garden, topped with a layer of concrete and then painted green.  The teeth were made out of an old Clorox bottle, the eyes are marbles, and the tongue is an old red sock!  An anaconda is in the works, according to Miriam, which is hoping to make its appearance in the 2020 growing season.  Artwork and the upkeep of the garden is truly an act of love and placemaking rooted in her connection to Puerto Rico, she welcomes all visitors to explore the garden and enjoy its tranquilidad. 
Photo: Humacao Community Garden in East Harlem, Manhattan. Photo by Ariana Arancibia, GreenThumb

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