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September 2019 - Art in the Gardens - Georgia Avenue Garden

About the Garden:
Georgia Avenue Garden was founded in 1986 by the Georgia Avenue Block Association. The purpose of creating this garden was to not only beautify the block but to provide fresh produce to seniors and low-income residents in the area. This is still part of the garden’s mission to date, and gardeners work hard to keep the garden productive.  
In the Spring of 2018 the garden underwent a revitalization, with help from GreenThumb Operations and our Volunteer Program. The site was cleared of overgrowth and debris, and new garden beds and picnic tables were built and placed.  
About the Artwork:
The mural named Life in a Community Garden was painted in 1998 under the direction of artist Claudia Keel with help from neighborhood adults and children. Gardener Daren Breeden was at the garden when the mural was being installed and remembers that “Claudia painted an outline of the mural onto the wall first, then neighbors came by and filled it in with color. If they wanted to add their own thing to it, Claudia gave them freedom to do it”. The mural was made possible by the support of Green Gorillas.  
Photo: Mural at Georgia Avenue community garden. Photo by Ariana Arancibia, GreenThumb 

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