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October 2018 - Art in the Gardens - Howard Garden

Howard Garden, a community garden in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, has been a place for the residents of Howard Avenue to come together to listen to poetry readings and take in the interesting sights the garden has the offer.  From a wooden train that doubles as a playset for children to the drawings and paintings lighthouses, Howard Garden invites people are all ages to explore its art. 
In 1965, Horace Young and Betty Young moved into the neighborhood and had a vision of creating a garden out of the vacant lot that was across the street from their house.  To get others on board, they began speaking with their neighbors on the block and connecting with the Howard Street Block Association. Through becoming part of the Block Association, the Youngs were able to connect with GreenThumb to create Howard Garden in 1986.  Since that time the Youngs have played a pivotal role in the beautification and community development of their block through gardening, community events, and public art. 
Horace is the long-term “artist in residency” of Howard Garden.  Since its creation he has been creating artworks that span a wide-range of mediums: sculptural pieces using found objects and materials like metal rebar, wire coat hangers, Styrofoam from packaging, and paper towel rolls.  He enjoys “experimenting with shapes” and “jumping into art!”. In addition to visual art, Horace is a poet – he is just about finished writing his second book, “Whispers of Splendor”. If you get a chance to come to one their garden parties, you will most likely get a poetry reading from Horace himself!
Photo: "Untitled," Horace Young

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