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Bylaws Requirements for the 2019 Relicensing

Bylaws Requirements for the 2019 Relicensing

As we get ready for the 2019 relicensing of all GreenThumb community gardens, we’d like to inform you that GreenThumb will be requiring all community garden groups under Parks jurisdiction to submit copies of their bylaws to their Outreach Coordinators as a prerequisite to being licensed. We will be offering workshops on group structure and bylaws every quarter during 2018, and we encourage members of your garden groups to attend these workshops if you haven’t already. This is a great opportunity to bolster the strength of your gardening group through a shared understanding of membership rights and responsibilities, rules and procedures, governance structure, and how the group makes decisions. Please connect with your GreenThumb Outreach Coordinator for more details.

At minimum, your bylaws must include the following (but you can always add more!):

  • Your garden’s mission
  • Membership (how to join, rights and responsibilities after joining)
  • Decision-making process
  • Leadership structure
  • Process for changing the bylaws in the future
  • How the garden group handles conflicts and disputes
  • Finances (including protocol if a member is unable to pay dues)
  • Rules for garden members (what are gardeners allowed and not allowed to do?) and procedures for what happens if a garden member does not comply with the rules of membership

Before contacting your Outreach Coordinator, we recommend that you 1) attend the Organizing for Garden Success workshop series and 2) work with your garden group to complete the Bylaws Worksheet, available in five languages:

You may also use the GreenThumb Bylaws Template. We expect that garden groups who choose to use the Template will complete it as a group and collectively sign the last page.

Thank you for your hard work growing the strength of community garden groups across the city. 

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