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Soundscape: The Sound of Seeds

Saturday, October 19, 2019

1:00 p.m.4:00 p.m.

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Sound, art and creativity....all blossoming in a community garden! Musician, Eileen Ain, and artist, Francine Demeulenaere, present a Soundscape performance at LaGuardia Corner Community Garden.

Rain Date: Sunday, October 20th

Soundscape is an idea beginning in 1980’s with R. Murray Schaeffer, a Canadian composer who wrote Tuning of the World.  Schaeffer’s focus was on interactive music making, from the use of local materials and improvisation whose sound grow/develop into a sounding piece as ‘ their music” 

Here in the community garden we create a space to explore individual choices of sounding. The sound that is uniquely the sound of the person choosing (which maraca to play). All maracas will have a Western pitch noted on them.

Maracas are positioned in the garden so they can be touched. Each maraca is made with a recycled container containing seeds of many varieties. 

Each person will choose four or five maracas. Their pitches will be sounded out on flute and in the order of how pitches are chosen.  At that point, and possibly with the flute, the person finding their sound will be invited to hum the pitches and possibly record them, so the participant (and group) can listen to their choices. In this case, the sound from from the maraca and/or the flute. To happen with good steed, this part of the interactive soundscape needs attention and quiet. 


a. Pitches identified on the maracas, emphasizing the ecological  "sound" frequencies of the seeds.

b. Talk in the garden on the meaning of sound....perhaps a few minutes meditation to listen to the natural sounds of being outdoors in NYC....can hear the birds when we are still, can hear sirens, people talking as they pass by....the point is to become aware of our external sounding environment and our relationship with it. The purpose is to begin the process of active sounding choices.

c. Have person sign up for their individual session of a few minutes of choosing the 4-5 maracas

d. Record, notate and or play the pitches (frequencies) chosen.

e. Have the community repeat  the sound to reinforce. ;mirror and echo the sequence......All this  depends upon the wishes of the person choosing the sound.

The soundscape is not about being a "musician" per se. We all create frequencies through our voice, our body, our energy. The purpose is for interactive experience with a natural organic environment, using both the sound of the seeds in the maracas to synchronize with our interior sounding lives. To do so we would emphasize using the breath, listening (to sound, silence, an inner voice) hearing each other, and producing our own sound.

Just as each part of the body makes a sound, so do seeds in and out of their respective containers. In this case, the seeds are in maracas. Our bodies are resonating containers and it is possible to explore that with simple clapping, tapping, and humming. All non-verbal and fun. 

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LaGuardia Corner Community Garden
511 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012, Manhattan
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Greenwich Village, two blocks south of Washington Square Park. Trains: A/C/E/F/D/B to West 4th Street. 1 to Houston Street or 6 to Bleecker. The garden is located on LaGuardia Place between Houston & Bleecker Street.



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